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Woman sitting on her porch while a health worker writes her answers to a vaccination survey in his notebook.

Submissions for the 2015 report are now closed. Survey responses received by October 10, 2014, will be evaluated using an assessment methodology developed with input from an independent expert advisory group. Survey responses received after October 10, 2014, will be part of a pool of innovations considered for future editions of the report.

Lifesaving innovations are redefining the boundaries of global health and creating new opportunities for people to live healthy, productive lives.

Contribute an innovation. Take the surveyAnd as the United Nations defines the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals’ health targets, PATH would like your help in identifying leading innovations by taking this survey and sharing it with your colleagues and networks.

Many of the game-changing innovations driving our progress today were already in the pipeline when the Millennium Development Goals were launched in 2000.

What if we had known then what impact those big ideas would have? How many more lives could we save over the next 15 years if we could identify and accelerate new innovations with transformative potential?

By engaging entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and experts across sectors and around the world, PATH’s Innovation Countdown 2030 initiative aims to accelerate high-potential innovations, catalyzing investment and increasing awareness of and support for transformative ideas to improve health and save lives.

Photo: PATH/Vu Minh Huong.