Visualizing health innovation

Our global effort to crowdsource innovative health technologies and approaches yielded hundreds of promising ideas—many more than we could feature in the Reimagining Global Health report.

We worked with Tableau Software to create a data visualization tool showcasing more than 170 innovations submitted for consideration by our expert panels. Use the tool to create custom views of innovations for specific diseases, populations, platforms, and stages of development.

Scroll down for more tips on using the tool.

Tool tips

  • Use the tool to view and sort innovations according to four filters: target population, disease area, platform, and stage of development. See brief descriptions of these innovations as well as the overall disease burden they address.
  • The box in the center features squares and stars. Each square represents a single innovation. Each star represents one of the 30 innovations featured in our report. Hover over a square or star to see that innovation’s description as well as the overall disease burden in that category.
  • The innovations are color-coded based on annual mortality in their category, with light green representing a low disease burden and dark green representing a high disease burden.
  • The innovation descriptions box displays a brief overview of each innovation based on which filters are applied.


Content included in the data visualization tool is based on responses from a survey and publicly available information collected between October 2014 and July 2015. A deep literature review was not performed for any of the innovations submitted. There may be inaccuracies in the information presented. While we sought to create the broadest possible list of high-impact health innovations, we know that there are many promising technologies and products in development that were not among the submissions we received.

Mobile and tablet users

The data visualization tool is best viewed on your desktop browser. Some features are not optimized for mobile or tablet devices.